April, 2015

10 Game-Changing Mobile Trends in 2015. Part I

Published: 16.04.2015 | 2983

It seems like every year now is the “Mobile Year”, but stakes in 2015 are higher with huge improvements to devices and wearable gadgets. We all look forward to seeing new mind-opening transformations in mobile industry which could become serious game-changers. What trends are expected to rule in mobile apps development this year?

#1. Voice Apps

Voice is the new text today. Recent years brought to us Kik, WhatsApp, Line and more apps providing instant messaging via sound and video. With speech recognition technologies evolving, voice is becoming a preferred tool for web searching, gaming, sending messages. Consider to use the great power of sound for your mobile marketing strategy goals in today’s ultra-competitive environment.

Voice app mobile dev

#2. Wearable Gadgets

Apple’s Watch April announcement surely leveled up the category of smart watches. Since Apple also released the WatchKit, Watch is predicted to shake up the whole industry and open a bright new market for wearable apps.

And soon users will demand for shape, screen size and features increases, as it always happens. So, to stay current and be aware of this fast-moving ecosystem, we definitely should keep an eye on Apple Watch shifts.

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#3. Health Apps

Health and sport applications are permanently trendy. Though along with wearable industry improvements, fitness apps clearly will get the second breath in 2015, allowing users to control their calorie goals, heart rate, blood pressure and daily body movement. As sportive lifestyle is becoming much easier to follow, the popularity of health-tracking mobile apps will increase dramatically.

To stay on top of the game, mobile developers should keep their users motivated and being on track.

health apps development

#4. Parallax Scrolling

Parallax is an ultimate way to perfect up the app design, because nothing can replace a truly intuitive UX. It will help mobile developers to keep users engaged with a storytelling design approach. Tying the new scrolling technique to app you’ll make it more interesting, dynamic and trendy, delivering outstanding user experience. Using parallax wow-effect might become one of your biggest advantages on the market in 2015.

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#5. Mobile Payments

As mobile stores seriously focused on increasing the loyalty of customers and getting new buyers, mobile payment market gains traction fast. And, of course, the biggest trend-setter here is fresh Apple’s e-wallet platform - Apple Pay. This digital service allows to pay for clothing, tickets, food or within apps in a private, intuitive and secure, way.

For now Apple Pay is most innovating mobile payment system thanks to contactless payment technology and unique security features built right into the user’s devices.

Easy purchase process surely makes the “pain of paying” less, which is almost Holy Grail for mobile developers.

Here’s some fresh clues on mobile market transformations in 2015. Ready to jump into the other 5 top notched, most expected development trends to ensure a remarkable app outcome? In Part II of the article you’ll find out how the world reversed a little bit, what crisis should be expected, and how 2015 changed mobile development.

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