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Full cycle of development, testing, upgrading mobile applications.

Modern Internet has modern requirements.

More than half of Internet users today go to social networks and mailboxes, read news portals, go online shopping through their mobile devices. And the percentage of such users is growing rapidly. Therefore, mobile development is so popular and beneficial for our customers nowadays. Although the hardware on smartphones and tablets cannot be compared with the one on laptops, mobile applications need to work with optimum performance.

WebmartSoft competence

Our team performs development using a wide range of programming languages and frameworks. Our specialists have expertise in the development of the following types of mobile applications:

1. Native applications

That is, applications built using software development tools and programming language for IOS, Android and Windows platforms. These applications can run in standalone mode without using the Internet and can be distributed through online stores.

2. Web applications

Based on standard Web technologies such as HTML5, JavaScript and CSS, this type of mobile applications can be developed only once and be used on various devices. Programs designed in such a way are cross-platform and require only minimal changes to ensure full functionality in each operating system. That is, development of such a product for three platforms can be done almost three times as fast.

3. Hybrid applications.

We also develop mobile apps that combine properties of the native and web-based applications. It is a cross-platform web-solution with the use of phone features (GPS, camera, etc.). This is only a hybrid app that will allow to combine the advantages of native applications with sustainability and relevance of web-based technologies.

IOS application development

Sometimes innovations set new quality standards, and iPhone with its iOS mobile platform was one of such innovations. Usability, speed, and design of such devices were excellent. Increasing demand for these innovation preceded the real gold rush. Since iOS apps are still so popular nowadays, WebmartSoft team is engaged in the development of appropriate products.

There are more than 500 000 applications in AppStore today. They are used not only on smartphones, but also on the iPad and iPod touch devices. Our competent professional approach allows to create applications that work properly on any of these devices and can be double sized or displayed in the original scale. Essentially, the principles of such mobile apps development, including original design and timing of moderation, do not differ.

Android application development

Mobile devices with this operating system, originally created on Linux open OS, observe the principles of Open Source, which means:

They do not restrict you in developing and publishing software.

Allow you to create colorful Java applications based on the Google library.

Characterized by low development cost.

Today it is pretty safe to say that Android Market successfully meets competition with iOS based applications. And this became possible through the balance of control and freedom of Android development.

WebmartSoft develops apps for business and communications. We work on different platforms and keep a common approach to development at the same time. Do not want to lose your mobile audience? Contact us.


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