April, 2015

10 Game-Changing Mobile Trends in 2015. Part II

Published: 28.04.2015 | 4374

To create a noticeable mobile presence it is essential to develop an effective and efficient marketing strategy. And you definitely need to keep all the important trends in mind. In first part of this article we highlighted some hot insights you don’t want to miss, so if you did, welcome here.

So, please find additional 5 mobile development trends:

#6. Anonymity Applications

Before Facebook, the Internet was some strange private-oriented place. Is it time to come back a little bit? People definitely move away from streaming every little thing on Twitter, Instagram and FB, turning to more private apps like Whisper or Kik. Somehow we are valuing privacy again.

Anonymity Applications

#7. Mobile Video Rocks

Just few years ago mobile video industry pretty much didn’t exist because of bandwidth and latency, but hail the technologies! Now video-making and video-watching apps are on top. It’s easy to kill some time on-line waiting for friends in café, for bus at the station or just to cheer up a little.

And video tutorials on how to do almost anything from hair-dying to car-driving surely are to blame for billions video views per day. Just think about that – Facebook alone contributes near 1 billion views a day! Mobile video is a rapidly expanding industry, so,you should seek for ways to take this stage.

Mobile Video App

#8. Internet of Things

Though smartphones already seem to be remote controls for plenty of stuff, but the “Internet of Things” might finally become a common mainstream in 2015. IoT industry is all about communication between person and nearby environment. It provides us with such beautiful and kinda magical innovations as smart garden, tracking its climate conditions and bike, directing you to destination with flashing handlebars!

Other IoT direction includes combination of interactivity technologies with urban infrastructure, to serve humanity in general. It’s just impossible to emphasize enough on the importance of Internet of Things innovations, so 2015 might be a great time to get your apps linked to it more closely.

Internet of Things App

#9. Security Crisis

Day by day our devices are filled up with loads of our priceless personal and work data, therefore we expect as perfect privacy defense as possible.

And in the last year alone, we’ve seen some very loud hacking scandals with major corporations. Surely, this was only a beginning , and hackers will only continue using security gaps in apps. So,

to succeed on the market in 2015, developers desperately need to take serious steps towards better risk assurance

Mobile App Security

#10. Development Tools Explosion

App development evolves faster than ever, so tools must comply. As a result, 2015 brings more complex and powerful toolkits. Now software isn’t all about the developer’s productivity, but it also helps to fill in some skills gaps.

This skillset expanding has led to increasing the adoption of code-free tools. Code-free development allows non-technical employees to communicate with users in-app, maintain and update some parts of the application.

So, 2015 is, no doubt, the year of mobile devices. And to be on top of the game, developers must adopt some big heavy trends in their marketing strategies.

It seems a great time to separate great players from amateurs, so, we need to move fast .

Maybe you’ll decide to integrate the parallax scrolling into app’s design, eliminate all possible security gaps or start to use Apple Pay.

Now when you know what’s hot, you are ready to conquer the mobile industry!

Pictures from: dribble.com