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Dedicated teams. Business Analysis. Requirements specification.

Choose only what you need!

Software development process has extremely fundamental nature: such stages as preparing, design, development and support describe the complete software development life cycle very superficially. But what if neither design and development nor testing and implementation is relevant to you at this particular moment and what you currently need is just development of technical specifications and business analysis?

WebmartSoft takes into account your requirements and offers only those stages from the software development life cycle that are currently relevant to your needs. We will also organize a dedicated team to work on your project. All you need is to formulate the requirements.

Competent business analysis

It is essential for the successful release of the software product to clearly understand its business goals and be sure that all requirements are defined correctly. Our experience helps our customers to overcome such critical issues as the definition of a complete list of tasks and a set of requirements for a software product. We will analyze your project from a business standpoint, determine possible ways of its monetization and identify the bottlenecks at the predevelopment stage.

Drawing up clear terms of reference

Documenting requirements is a substantial part of software development life cycle. Such documenting may include preparing technical specification or creating statement of work. Carefully compiled documentation will help to estimate project delivery time, define project participants and the cost. This information, in its turn, will help to identify and take into account all risks.

Providing dedicated teams

In case the customer intends to minimize costs by taking maximum advantages of outsourcing, WebmartSoft can provide a dedicated team to work on the project. This interaction model involves the client in the process of candidates’ selection. As a result, a well-organized and competent team starts working on the project, which allows you to penetrate into the project promptly and begin to solve the current problems. Dedicated team works according to the schedule established by the customer. The project can be managed by either the Customer or by WebmartSoft specialist.

Advantages of cooperation with WebmartSoft

1. Focus on transparency and preparation of quality reports

The planning phase is always finalized by prepared operational procedures, which are followed by our team and noted in corresponding reports. Therefore, our customers manage to follow the development process.

2. Managing changes

Should the project requirements change in the course of works, the team starts planning further actions promptly with the previously defined budget and the duration of the project in mind.

3. Managing requirements

We are formalizing, arranging and setting priorities for software requirements. Such approach rationalizes costs, both financial - on the customer side and labor - on the WebmartSoft side. We always offer prototyping as an opportunity to make changes on the early project stages.

4. Managing risks

Continuous monitoring of risks at each development stage allows us to control progress and find appropriate solutions, staying within the prescribed time frame and budget.

5. Maintaining communication

Customer’s dipping into the project simplifies interaction between the parties. That's why our clients do not just study reports, but constantly stay on top of all the activities within the project.

6. Transferring knowledge

Upon reaching the goals, our client receives the full package of documents, including technical requirements, specifications and software manual.

Our experience allows us to be involved in the projects at different stages of their life cycle and successfully resolve tasks. Interested? Do not hesitate to contact us by any of the suggested methods - and we will find the best solution for you.


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