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Database design and development from scratch.

Keep your data safe.

Thousands of tables, custom packages and other information used in the work must be properly organized for its easy use and management. This is the main mission of the database, which may include both free and limited access to different information.

WebmartSoft designs databases that enhance business productivity and prevent crashes. This service protects the business processes of our customers.

What we can offer our customers?

1. Complete software solutions with closed source code with no requirements for changes.

2. The economic solutions, tailored to the specific nature of your business and meeting unique requirements.

3. Extensions and add-ons to existing software that optimize individual operations essential to the client.

The process of database design in WebmartSoft includes:

In the first phase, within the conceptual design, we make the following steps:

1. Explore the subject area and analyze its information structure;

2. Simulate and integrate the description of the user relationship with the information objects.

In the second phase, which includes logic design, we:

1. Transform the data requirements in the relevant structures;

2. Simulate the database and compare it with various database management systems (DBMS).

In the third phase, when it comes to physical design, we:

1. Determine access methods, special aspects of data storage and other details.

In general terms, this scheme is as follows:

1. We choose a basis for a database creation (platform and technology).

2. We prepare design specifications.

3. Select one of the possible logical models (network, hierarchical, relational, and multidimensional or object).

4. Develop software modules for information management (input, output, searching, editing, etc.)

WebmartSoft team goes deeply into the logic of your work, takes into account hundreds of factors, circumstances and provides an opportunity to create a complete database with calibrated structure that does not require modifications and protects information from unauthorized access, distortion or destruction.


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