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We believe that the approach to each client must be unique. That is why WebmartSoft offers various models of financial interactions that take into account all the wishes of our customers, as well as their financial means. Depending on project complexity, its duration, technology used, certainty degree of requirements, number of developers involved, the interaction methods may vary.

The cost of web site, portal, database, mobile application or other information system development depends on the number of hours spent by experts for its development. Cost of the developer depends on its level of competence, experience, technology, with which he works on his level and long-term projects.

WebmartSoft can provide you with a dedicated team, including project manager, business analysts, developers and testers.

Comparison chart for interaction models for customers


Fixed Price Time & Materials DedicatedTeam

Pilot projects and projects in the initial phases of development

Projects requiring special knowledge in the field of domain

Detailed and precise specifications are formulated prior to the start of the active phase of work

The minimum project duration

Not limited

1 month

3 month

Final cost of the project is determined before the start of work on development

Payment intervals




Ability to work on different projects under one contract

Experts are assigned to a single customer projects

Low hourly rate for expert

Optimal projects types

Small and medium-sized projects, the time required, the cost and extent of which are easily predictable

Medium and large scale projects with clearly defined requirements, conditions and priorities

Long-term strategic projects with a permanent scope of IT-tasks, providing external command load


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