Testing Mobile Photo Editor for iPhone

Customer country: Russia

Model of interaction: Time & Material

Product description and testing approach. The application is a photo editor app. The product has a wide range of functional features for editing photos and creating personal creative products. The app has tight integration with more than 6-social networks.

Since the product is designed for creation, managing and editing photos, there is an integration with camera and existing albums. Editor also enables users to purchase unique capabilities within the application to create unique photos


    • Accomplish full acceptance test of the mobile application, including testing from the perspective of the end user (e.g., user experience);
    • Identify and prepare a list of recommendations to improve the usability;
    • Perform quality of the app integration according to standard requirements for mobile apps development;
    • Ensure the required security level of personal information and, especially, user payments.



The model of interaction with the client and the agreement of the parties allowed to apply distributed quality control of the product all over the life cycle, instead of carrying it out at the final stages. That results in the negotiations and preparation of sets of recommendations from the QA team at the beginning of the project development.


The usability analysis of design samples on the early stages of the project allowed implementing all the recommendations and improvements upon the usability. Physical devices of the company mobile park were used in order to ensure app cross-platform support: including iPod Touch 4th Gen, iPod Touch 5th Gen, iPhone 4, iPhone 5. iOS 6 and 7 were chosen for testing in high priority


Due to provided test coverage the issues connected with personal information security (such as: photos, location and banking information) were discovered and successfully solved.

Tools and technologies

    • iOS 6-7
    • xCode
    • Fiddler 4
    • iPhone Configuration Utility
    • Testflight
    • Crashlytics
    • iCloud


    • The product fully complies with standard mobile applications usability requirements. Intuitive interface and usability have been brought to perfection;
    • Through the QA recommendations applied, the required level of mobile applications security has been applied and approved during tests and support;
    • The Apple Committee successfully submitted the app and published it in AppStore without any delays.
    • The utility was optimized for usage on mobile devices, including iPhone 5S, iOS 7, and several generations of Windows operating systems.
    • The customer is satisfied with the outcome as well as the mobile apps expertise provided by the team on all iterations within project lifecycle.
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