Development of Components and Full Testing Cycle of Electronic Document Management System for Bank

Customer: SoftClub

Interaction Model: Time&Material

Product Description:

Web-based document management system containing more than 50 types of bank catalogs and 40 sub catalogs to work with document lifecycle. Access to documents is based on the distribution of functional roles and includes visualization of lifecycle document management. Manual data entry from hardcopies is automated. Top-level roles have the ability to generate reports on dozens of specified criteria.


    • Develop software components which process electronic documents.
    • Software components manager development.
    • Organize consultation on quality control processes. Agree on the list of tasks, labor costs and working schedule.
    • Initiate a full cycle of bank system quality control in the process of its development from scratch.
    • Establish a centralized system of accounting and agreement of terms and conditions and errors detection.
    • Describe business processes for working with documents and test scenarios for business processes.
    • Develop the system for interaction with electronic documents based on ADF (ability to view documents by catalogs, make manipulations with documents, generate reports, configure and customize the UI behavior and ADF business components for needs and requests of users).



At the initial stage the consultation on quality control processes was organized for the Customer. The list of tasks, number of man-hours and working schedule was agreed. A full cycle of the bank system quality control was initiated in the process of its developing from scratch.


Software components manager was designed to balance the load on the system and call components automatically according to a specified schedule. Security testing was performed, upon which critical vulnerabilities were detected in the distribution of user rights.


A centralized system of accounting and agreement of errors and terms and conditions was set up. QA-analyst was involved in the process of business analysis. Test cases for preliminary and acceptance tests were prepared. An environment for load testing was prepared and set up.

  • The system was adjusted to high loads (up to 1000 concurrent users, the separation of access, fine-tuning of fusion middleware and weblogic, delivery of business logic to the level of stored procedures).
  • Software components were developed according to business processes (servlets, web services, etc.)
  • It was managed to automate the development process using such tools as continuous integration, automatic delivery versions, automation testing, and code quality control using common metrics and tools.

Tools and technologies

    • Java 7
    • Oracle ADF 12
    • WebLogic12
    • SVN
    • Jira 6
    • Acunetix Web Vulnerability Scanner 9
    • Kerio VPN


    • A continuous integration was implemented. Automated tests were implemented to validate each new build of the application without manual labor of QA engineers being involved.
    • During the testing process 8 stages were conducted, which included 24 builds. 640 defects were found, including 114 errors in the document management business logic.
    • The project passed acceptance tests by the bank employees and was put into operation successfully and on time.
    • The system can process up to 50,000 documents.
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