Software Testing and Quality Assurance: Social Network Mobile Application

Customer: Moslight - mobile app Development Company

Interaction Model: Fixed Price

Product Description: Social network app for iOS and Android mobile platforms. The purpose of the QA services for the project was to check the entire range of features and further stabilization of the overall product functionality for AppStore and Google Play submission. The app has a wide range of features required in modern social networks. A user starts from managing a friend-list and communication, and at the same time has a possibility to view the profiles of guests and recommended user.


    • Quality assurance and regular expertise of the mobile app during the lifecycle of development.
    • Stabilize the application after critical updates: optimizing graphics for retina- display under two iOS versions; new functionality of the own word lists sharing for studying with the option of landing on the server; new hint system and additional menu ;
    • Adapt the application for Ipad (Retina), identify defects .
    • Provide a high level of product quality for ranking improve in the AppStore and more users attraction.



In order to ensure cross-platform support for the app, the QA team used a bunch of devices from the own mobile devices park for testing. Development and testing activities were performed on two streams in parallel, that resulted releasing the product on IOS and Android met the deadline; As the information about the supported third-party services has been requested on the early stages that allowed to develop and test the integration with more than 7 third-party systems (payments, geolocation, other social networks).


In order to ensure product quality, QA team used a number of both free and paid tools: to provide necessary test environment, to prepare necessary preconditions, to collect diagnostic and statistics information about developed services while testing it;

Beta testing was conducted with the use of internal human resources of our company.

Tools and technologies

    • iOS 6-7
    • Android 2.3 – 4.4
    • Forsquare api
    • Aviary Photo Editor
    • iOS Dev Center
    • Android SDK
    • Fiddler 4
    • Eclipse Memory Analyzer 1.4.0
    • Better Battery Stats 1.16


    • The product supports different generations of devices and screen resolutions, as well as for different versions of operating systems.
    • The team detected more than 200 defects of high and medium priority, not considering the numerous of user interface and compatibility defects.
    • As a result of planned number of testing iterations with different levels of coverage and a variety of test-cases, the functionality of integration with third-party services and payment systems was perfected in the routine and non-trivial conditions of use;
    • According to the terms of security testing, a number of potential and actual threats within the security of mobile applications were discovered and fixed, as well as common privacy policy cases with user profile data.
    • The App has been distributed simultaneously for IOS and Android with proper quality. As a result, the application was submitted by both commissions and now is available in AppStore, Google Play. Thus, the application was successfully implemented and supported for these platforms and operates on more than 2 million users’ devices.
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