Field Agent. Quality Assurance for Android App

Customer: Marketing Agency “Plan B”

Interaction Model: Fixed Price

Product description: Field Agent is a specially developed mobile application to collect various marketing data. Due to the use both human resources and the mobile platform, the app allows to hold data studies of any scale, especially, on the field of marketing. Load testing made possible to evaluate the stability of the server-side interactions to produce simultaneous operations of several hundred staff.


    • Ensure the quality of mobile application client-side functionality;
    • High quality of product back-end functionality (web interface);
    • Ensure compatibility with a set of devices and OS versions for mobile applications;
    • Analyze mobile application performance and stability;
    • Ensure required level of mobile application usability;
    • Check a role model on configured accounts basis in the administration part.



Our QA team collected requirements and documentation from the customer and made it accessible and structured for all involved colleagues. As a result next steps were: preparing test-cases, proposals of changes in the project life cycle.

We have proposed and agreed upon the best set of devices and OS versions (in order to increase compatibility with the most popular devices);Internal park of mobile devices was used for conducting the tests.

Implement Webmartsoft’s internal solutions (CMS) to reduce the costs of implementation, and product back-end testing.

QA specialists analyzed mobile app usability and described the necessary improvements and changes in GUI (graphical user interface).


Our team produced system quality check and optimized the app in the terms of device resources usage (memory and battery consumption) during the test iterations. Type of tests: mobile applications testing in terms of different screen resolutions, Full Acceptance Test (FAT), cross-platform mobile application testing on different OS versions (using the internal park devices), regression testing,load testing (to confirm and optimize the app according to the performance requirements), usability testing, UAT-testing (testing in terms of end-user products)..

Tools and technologies

    • Android 2.3 – 4.4
    • Android SDK
    • Fiddler 4
    • Eclipse Memory Analyzer 1.4.
    • Better Battery Stats 1.16
    • Charles v3.9.2
    • Birtix 24


    • According to the customer’s comments the app was significantly redesigned as a result of defects fixed and improvements applied. Thus, performance, usability, quality of the front-end were improved due to involvement of the QA team;
    • The interaction of the admin part with the mobile app has been considerably improved in terms of configuration appliance speed, multitasking and feedback effectiveness;
    • Due to the resources allocated for the application test on an optimal set of devices and OS versions the mobile application increased its audience by reaching a broad range of devices and their configurations. Especially, numerous outdated at the moment but popular according to statistics OS and devices were supported as a result;
    • Usage of internal developments regarding CMS part results that all objectives aiming to ensure administration and maintenance of a role model were fulfilled. So, comparing with the competitors, this product received several advantages described above in terms of configurations and feedback.
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