and full lifecycle testing of lending system to individuals

Product: lending system to individuals.
Interaction method: Time & Material


  • Developing a system for automation of lending system to individuals.
  • Developing the functionality for open amounts calculation, documents generation, reports, assessments, accounting records. Creating the reporting system of cash flow.
  • Realization of automatic notifications subsystem.
  • Organization of user roles segmentation.
  • Entire quality assurance of the product developed from scratch.
  • Ensuring confidentiality of personal and financial data.
  • Ensuring a stable work of application client end considering all possible ways of Internet connection including 2G/3G.


  • Functional testing

  • Regression testing

  • Cross-browser testing

  • Performance testing

  • Security testing


1. Operator enters all the personal data
under the fields required.
2. The entered data are processed separately for
every client resulted in persentage calculation of
paying back probability. Then the operator makes a
decision on loan issuing.
Every client data is entered under application form,
required data are considered for statistics reports.
3. The loan payments are performed by cashier.
All the transfers are reported in the system and
renewed automatically.
4. Using the calculator provided by the system, the
operator has the option to calculate the final sum
required for loan issuing.
The operator has the option to calculate the final loan amount by means of calculator
5. All the transfers of loan repayment are reported to
the system any time avalaible for the operator’s
The operator possess all the information
on a client’s loan
6. The system also provides the functionaly of Collector
for obligators monitoring. "The Collector has the option to see all the repayments
or not repaymenrs and days of their arrears. Also, there is an option to follow the repayments status
and sending the documetns to the judicial institutions.
The forming of all document is perfomed automatically.
Collector monitors repayments status and send the documents to judicial institutions
7. System Administrator has all the operator’s
rights and all the functionality for entire system
managing (history review, additional options).
8. Administrator has the access to reports
for all the operations in the system. The reports are to be formed
under selected parameters.
Administrator selects the reports
under the results required
9. The system has the option to see
the repayments statistics both
on payment days and posibility
of open amounts cases.
Administrator monitors the statistics
by days of clients’ repayments
10. As a result, the system enables automatically process the loans (issuing, payments, storing and editing all the clinents data).
Administrator has the option to monitor
all the alterations and analyze the information on all operations.

Technologies and instruments

  • Issue tracking system: Atlassian Jira,
    deployed on Webmartsoft server.
  • Web-site management: Webmart CMS.
  • • Development technologies: Symfony 2, PHP 5.3, MySQL,
    Doctrine 2, Twig, MVC, JQuery, Ajax, Сron, Apache 2.2. .
  • Connection speed emulation NetLimiter 4.
  • Check of calculation functionality speed depending
    on calendar changes on the server: VMWare Workstation 9.0.
  • Load testing: SilkPerformer 10.0.
  • Security standard: OWASP.
  • Security scanners: Acunetix Web Vulnerability Scanner 8.
  • Automatic detection of broken links:
    Xenu’s Link Checker.
  • Usability Standards: ISO 9241, ISO 13407, ISO 18529, ISO 16982


Within a week active
operators started using
the system and began
loan applications

At present, new operators registration
and adaptation to the system
is performed
for several hours.
Production release
of the product was created
for 3 months.
There were no any cases
of users’ data abuse
although security
attacks took place.
The product operates
in 3 offices for 10 operators
using various computer
паtypes and Internet
7 stages of reworks were performed for 5
months, including changes in
interest rate calculations
algorithms for new clients. Total
working hours for testers
are more than 500 man/hours.
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