Development and Testing of E-mail System

Interaction model: Time & Material

Description: The system allows the user to send paper letters through the user interface on-line, without installation of software. Includes order record subsystem, internal CRM for emails recipients and keeping sent items as well as mass mailings creation. Contains such functionality as online document editing in the browser and preparation of documents ready for production printing. Converts files and transmits them directly to the printer


    • Develop business logic of the project.
    • Implement opportunity to create, edit and send emails online.
    • Implement the ability to create and send postcards with individual design.
    • Develop the system with minimum human resources involved in the letter dispatch process.
    • Provide role based access control.
    • Provide privacy of sent emails.
    • Provide fail operational capability at simultaneous work of more than 500 senders.
    • Automated tests development to check basic use cases.
    • UI and cross-browser testing for the stabilization of the built-in letters and postcards design editor.
    • Functional testing of implemented features.



A large-scale electronic document management system was developed to send paper mail through electronic interface. A complete quality assurance of the above mentioned system had been performed.


The possibility of sending the emails based on templates and tags was implemented as well as utilization of Microsoft Word and Excel functionality using PHP technology. A core system integration testing along with testing the Microsoft Word and Excel had been performed.


The possibility of import the recipients data from large-scale databases was implemented and tested automatically.

Tools and technologies

    • PHP
    • Symfony 2
    • MySQL
    • SVN
    • HTML5
    • CSS
    • JS
    • Ajax
    • Microsoft XPS viewer
    • Acunetix Web Vulnerability Scanner 9
    • Charles v3.9.2


    • A full browser compatibility was implemented for creation and editing documents online using ZOHO editor.
    • The system was implemented upon testing and currently is maintained and used successfully in more than 15 governmental and commercial institutions.
    • Performance level control of the platform provided sustainable dispatch of more than 40 000 letters a day
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