Development and Testing of Apparel Online Store

Interaction model: Time & Material

Product type: online store

Project Description: development and testing of an online store that allows the user to search, browse and purchase products of specific brand. The website offers extensive search of the necessary products in addition to the "live" filter functionality (filter positions are based only on the availability of goods related to the filter).


    • Prepare a detailed assessment of activities in order to achieve goals and meet the requirements;
    • Perform quality assurance of online store functionality;
    • Provide quality assurance of the back-end (store management, tracking user activity and filling with content);
    • Ensure stable operation of the product at the target and peak load (perform load and performance testing);
    • Ensure correspondence of the functionality to the usability criteria (perform usability testing);
    • Ensure compliance with safety web application security standards.


Webmartsoft team developed and tested product catalog functionality, containing detailed product information (galleries, product features, size table, etc.). Such data as receipt and processing of orders, prices and product features, order status updates, etc. were integrated with 1c.


We implemented a detailed search functionality on the website with a variety of parameters, as well as ordering system with various delivery services (automatic calculator) and payment systems, accompanied by integration with such social services as facebook, twitter, google +, etc.


Types of testing performed on the project: functional and regression testing, gui and usability-testing, compatibility testing, uat-testing, localization testing, security testing.

Tools and technologies

    • Version control system: git;
    • Website management: 1c-bitrix;
    • Automatic detection of broken links on the website: Xenu's link checker;
    • Inspection of the portal source code: firebug;
    • Cross-browser testing: VMWare workstation 9.0;
    • Bug tracking system: Redmine.


    • New high quality functionality was launched successfully and on time;
    • Due to a convenient and smooth operation of the catalog, ordering system, and geolocation services the number of sales increased in all regions covered by the brand;
    • Localization of high quality as well as browser compatibility provides opportunity to attract new unique visitors.
    • The product meets the quality criteria on the performance of web-based applications at the specified loads. Provides a number of preventive measures for monitoring, support and correction of emergencies;
    • Test documentation was forwarded to the Customer which enabled to perform the overall quality control while adding minor modifications and provide support services when changing infrastructure, etc.;
    • The administrative part of the website developed using WebmartSoft CMS allows to manage content and product catalog quickly and efficiently, add and edit product positions, manage user accounts and view metrics.
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