July, 2015

Customer 7x Upgrade

Published: 08.07.2015 | 2830

Perfection is a boring and unnecessary stuff. It’s impossible to become a perfect client, but anyone can evolve into to the ace-high pro. And we surely welcome the expertise and understanding of some software development subtleties with big pompoms and bunny hops!

Why it’s important to be a good customer? At the very least, to understand the developers, occurring processes, project specifics, the possibility or impossibility to incorporate the certain features into your software. That is, to sleep well at night and not worry about your product, delivered into the good hands!

In addition, it’s because we just enjoy working with the professional clients! Therefore, we present to you a seven-word cheat sheet about the qualities and skills of the upgraded project owner:

1. C – Consistency

Our professional decision maker (DM) doesn’t change the requirements 15 times a day and doesn’t perpetually require to alter something. Yes, there is such a thing as aggressively growing market and the inability to identify the necessary functionality of the future product immediately.

But for the purpose to meet changing requirements, we first choose a suitable development model – Waterfall vs. Agile. Starting from this choice, we consider exactly how often should be the project modified.

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2. U – Understanding

The DM doesn’t become the well-seasoned person just for fun. In most cases, when a client grows up to the level of a professional team, he already knows how “entertaining” it is to work with the pennyworth dropout coders. The real project time starts when you get the unforgettable experience of wasting time, money and nerves on unreliable contractors.

At this point, we get into gear with our skilled business analysts, project managers, programmers, designers, desktop publishers, testers and appropriate documentary support. Therefore, the client receives the Mercedes instead of a bicycle.

3. I – Interaction

Have you met the Spider-Man in real life? We have, and even more than once!

The Spider-Customer completely hides himself behind a layered web of managers, assistants and other negotiators.No, we don’t expect to see the head of the company as our customer each end every time. However, playing the Telephone game is tiring.

And indirect conversation reduces the chances of successful negotiations on the preliminary stages along with the chances for a great product in the end. Therefore, everyone benefits when the DM shows up as the one and only person.

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4. F – Focus

An experienced project owner is focused on his users. Yes, sometimes it’s difficult to leave your wish list behind. However, no one is interested how much your mother in law, your dog or even you feel about the software you develop. It's awful, right?

Let’s not be so judgmental, of course, the well done and beautifully packaged product hits almost everyone’s taste. But all fuss is about the target audience. If your company makes a project for the narrow category like youngsters, cats or astronauts – trust your understanding of the market and tools that will work and bring you profit, rather than your taste.

5. L – Loyalty

A skilled DM doesn’t dictate the development technology, architecture and coding standards to the team. Any programmer would agree that the moderately abstract requirements simplify the work. The team needs some room for maneuver, the ability to make things in its own unique way in order to deliver the best custom development experience.

It‘s not necessary to describe in details the behavior of each trigger, button and window. The customer can just determine the tasks for product to crack and the required conditions for successful operation. That’s it! Now developers can embody their own ideas and create the topnotch software.

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6. M – Meticulous

The experienced customer already knows that it’s not really useful to consider the developers some kind of smarty pants or fortunetellers. Of course, we are the clever cookies, who would dare to argue? But you already have the experience of running your business, you have your own workflow, particular objectives, and specifics.

So don’t hesitate to ask, tell and share your concerns and problems! We are here to ensure that your application, software, website (underline as necessary) will work and bring you profits.

7. S – Specifications

And what the terms of reference have to do with the upgraded DM qualities, you ask? Well, we just can’t resist of recalling: our fine client is always all in favor of the detailed technical documentation! You can read all about the right specs here:

Working on the project means spending your budget, effort and time. When you are able to call yourself a professional DM, you’ll get only high quality and profitable final products. And everybody will be happy!