Development and testing of affiliate program
E-commerce system

One of the largest Belarusian printing companies. In addition to printed materials, the company sells t-shirts, pillows, corporate giftware with prints and cooperates with the foreign companies.

Interaction model: Fixed Price
  • 1.WebmartSoft team challenge was to develop an additional module with a separate entry point to manage the affiliate programs on the existing site as well as integrate that module with the main catalogue.
  • 2.Top priority for the testing team was to organize the optimal testing strategy, i.e. to detect all the defects of a new subsystem and guarantee the absence of new errors on a working web-site, using the limited time in 40 man-hours.
Operational concept of the affiliate program:

Every affiliate partner can choose only those goods and categories, which he wants to place on his web-site:

The user can pick a style of affiliate program elements to match his web-site.

The system remembers all settings entered earlier and generates the script code. The user only needs to put this code on any page of the website to make it work. All the operations on placement the affiliate program on the web-site will take no more than 10 minutes.

The main purpose of an affiliate program is to generate its code to place on the website of the user that has no programming skills.
The work of our QA team was structured in the following way:

During the module development, a test plan was prepared by our QA lead. The document contains all the details of the planned works on testing with considerations for milestones, risks, description of test types, inspections carried out and tools used during the project.

Along with that, we built a team, consisting of two QA engineers that had studied the project and prepared a checklist to be done within eight man-hours.

Our QA team carried out the express testing of a product to define the most critical issues of the affiliate program and assess the overall website quality after the integration with a new sub-system. The following areas were checked by engineers during the testing:

  • The efficiency of registration and authorization modules. Checking the correct application of access rights for the partner and administrator roles.
  • Displaying product categories, individual units and their parameters on the website in accordance with the affiliate program.
  • Generating scripts for various sets of product display parameters such as color of plugin elements, collocation, display of the plugin width in different browsers and websites with different types of layout.
  • Placing the script on the affiliate website. Script interpretation and display.
  • Order and payment via the plugin interface placed on the affiliate website.
  • The verification of data change in the common ordering database of the primary website, the verification of calculation the financial statistics for the given periods both for the owner of affiliate website and for the global administrator.

Upon delivery of the express testing report, a decision to accomplish the full QA cycle of the project was made by the Customer. The budget was pushed up to 140 man-hours. An additional functional and regression testing of six more project packages was carried out until all the inspections were passed successfully and all the defects were corrected.

The affiliate program script was
embedded in more than 50 e-shops.
The functionality of the primary e-shop
was not damaged by the integration;
WebmartSoft team detected the defects
on the ordering system operation and
a correct display of layout elements.
The Customer is satisfied with the operation
of affiliate program and a profit he gained
from the affiliate websites
I want to order similar project


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