Interaction model
Project Description


  • Promptly determine the current level of quality of the native application;
  • Stabilize the application after critical updates: optimizing graphics for retina-display for two versions iOS; sharing opportunities and unloading the server personal word lists to study; A new system of additional menus and tooltips;
  • Identify all defects and adapt application under Ipad (Retina).
  • In order to increase the number of users and increase the rating in AppStore to provide the highest level of product quality.


  • Carrying out various types of tests: express testing, functional testing, comparability testing, testing of mobile applications, regression testing, usability testing;
  • The use of physical devices at work on testing to ensure cross-platform application support: Ipad 3 and iPad mini; iOS 6 and iOS 7 - as operating systems;
  • Using Atlassian Jira v6, deployed on the client’s side, as a system for tracking tasks and defects;
  • Organization of assemblies supply for testing using
The new version of the project is stabilized in time with high quality.
Lack of time and financial losses at successful application update.
Application has been submitted by Apple Commission and is available in AppStore
Application is adapted for tables of several generations and versions of the operating system, including iPad 3 (iOS 7) and iPad mini (iOS6).
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