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Development android


Mobile application development for Andriod.


Android occupies major market share of mobile platforms. This fact alone increases the value of our offer: most customers want their applications to be published on Play Market. WebmartSoft team is always ready to develop native applications for this platform.

How do we work?

WebmartSoft has extensive experience in programming for any android devices. Choosing us, you choose protection, because we working on testing results at each stage, starting with an assessment of an idea. However, the main stages of the work are as follows:

1. Planning. We will listen you carefully to find out more about the future product and its key features.

2. Prototyping and documentation drafting. To understand how the application should function and how many screens are to be provided, find out the details of its structure and logic of the interface.

3. Design, which is based on a previously created technical documentation. At this stage we take into account UI wishes of the customer, as well as Android guidelines are used. Icons for your product designing is also important.

4. Programming. It is also important to know the list of devices for which the product will be developed, as well as the subsequent defects search to ensure that an application will be published on Play Market.

5. Testing. Development in WebmartSoft - it's your confidence, because the quality of the application will be verified by an independent testing department. Security, cross-browser, usability - we conduct various tests, and present reports to confirm that the software is ready for the release.

6. Release. What's next? Supporting the publication on Play Market, support and the project’s update under the conditions that you consider optimal. We pass the developed project and documentation on it. After the publication of the application in the online store and receiving users’ feedback, we could start to develop the next version of the application.

To request the Development of mobile applications for Android in WebmartSoft - means a step to getting a good profit and return funds invested in the development. That is why we have created innovative applications with impeccable interface that, firstly, captivates users, and secondly, turns benefit for the customer. The quality of the applications you have ordered, as well as meeting deadlines can not be questioned. You get such guarantees from competent bilateral agreement and our reliable reputation. Your confidence in the successful outcome of the case will be after the first substantive discussion with experts. Moreover, no questions may arise in the future, because we have made the development as an extremely transparent process for the customers.


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